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Efficient, Safe, Reliable and Environmentally Responsible Service

As the role of international ocean transportation continues to be an integral part of the world economy, The Sanko Steamship Co., Ltd. (Sanko Line) will continue its role as a leader in the shipping industry. Sanko Line will meet this commitment through the operation of a highly efficient, safe, reliable and environmentally responsible fleet, supported by a team of dedicated professionals at sea and ashore.

A profitable future for the company is projected through the operation of an existing modern fleet combined with the new shipbuilding program that is already underway.

The safe operation of the company's fleet is not only an objective but is also a commitment by the company and its staff. In addition to our commitment to safety we are also committed to achieving continuous improvement in all group function through the application of advanced technology and the integration of all employees in business processes to improve our ability to serve as a leader in the shipping industry.

Sanko Line has its origin in The Sanko Kaiun Kaisha which was established in 1934 as an operator of a shipping service on the Japan-Korea/China trade route. Prior to World War II Sanko Line became one of Japan's largest carriers in the Asian Shipping routes.

After World War II and the near total loss of the fleet, Sanko Line began the difficult process of rebuilding.

In 1964 most Japanese shipping companies merged in accordance with government's recommended guide-lines to consolidate the shipping industry. Sanko Line, however, selected to remain independent and self-reliant, void of governmental assistance and control-thereby enabling the company to follow a path of growth through innovative and original planning.

From the mid 1960's to the early 1970's, business activity had developed to enable Sanko Line to become one of Japan's top shipping enterprises operating a fleet many types of newly developed vessels totalling, at its peak, 316 vessels of about 25,200,000 DWT.

In 1989 owing to drastic changes in the world economy Sanko Line reorganized to streamline operations and became a more efficient and modernized Company.

From 1994 to 2000, a total 15 semi-open hatch Box Shaped bulk carriers were commissioned in our fleet. The vessels are designed and equipped to transport unitized cargoes generally consisting of forest products, aluminium ingots and other products combined with bulk cargoes. The fleet is trading worldwide.

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